Eclipse369 offers an unique program that will transform your life in every way possible. In each program you will learn how to be in control of your emotional and mental aspects, manifest your desires and discover your true potential as an individual.

Most of us are trapped working in jobs that don´t make us happy, doing what others tell us or doing what we don´t like, because we simply don´t know how to get out of there and get used to experience that lifestyle on a regular basis. Many teachers/coaches out there have failed to get results, that´s why Eclipse369 is a completely different approach to everything you have seen or heard of. These programs will assist you connect with aspects of your multidimensional self to fully transform your reality no matter what situation you are in, the results are noticeable within weeks of starting it.

"Your must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pur water in a cup, it becomes the cup, When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend."
-Bruce Lee

Our Programs

These programs are for those who:

- Are commited to make changes
- Are guided by their own intuition
- Are open to learn about multidimensional concepts
- Are prepared to let go of the old lifestyle
The programs are not for those who:

- Are afraid of multidimensional concepts
- Don’t like to speak or be seen
- Just want to imitate others without creating your own.
- Are not ready to be leaders, and want to be followers

Eclipse369 Sessions


You can book a single session with Irene, Joel or both of them. There will be an intro (20 min) prior to your scheduled session (75 min) so that they can get to explore the areas that are keeping you stuck. Irene & Joel will connect to your guides and higher consciousness prior to your main session and will use the information and wisdom they receive in order to provide you with the necessary tools and exercises, so you can experience the reality you know you deserve.

Eclipse 3 Program


With this program you will learn to control your mental and emotional state, your physical wellness, attract a potential parter to your life or keep a harmonious relationship with your partner. This program includes 3 private calls (60mins)

Eclipse 36 Program


With this program you will increase your awareness with multidimensional concepts so you can take back your power and manifest your desires. This program includes 6 private calls (60mins)

Eclipse369 Golden Dragon program


This program will transform yourself as an individual and get to fully become a conscious well rounded mixed martial artist. (6 months program kids and adults)

- Financing Available

Eclipse369 Program

$4,444 (Paid at once $3,999)

This program is to empower yourself in all levels, you will develop awareness of universal creation in different layers and you will learn self defense/mixed martial arts.This program includes 8 private calls (60mins) and 6 private alchemical martial arts sessions.

Program Eclipse369: Some of the areas of this program includes:

- Emotional
- Mental
- Physical wellness
- Alchemy
- Finances
- Conscious Martial Arts and more...

For this program, the client must be physically present.

- Financing Available

Manifest your life partner by living your life purpose program

$5,555 (8 weeks program)

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This program is for single conscious individuals who want to attract their life partners and for individuals who are already in a relationship and want to maintain harmony and peace into their existing relationships so they can grow and evolve with their partners, fully aligned with their life purposes.

This program is for those who:

- Tired of looking for their life partner in the wrong places
- Are on their spiritual journey and are ready to attract their conscious partner who is in tune with their frequency
- Continue to have conflicts and misunderstanding in their existing relationships and are ready to bring long lasting changes
- Are wondering if they are in an aligned relationship .
- Are afraid of being single and dependent
- Have had enough of toxic relationships, are ready to step into their power and are committed to take action
- Are ready to manifest and experience what true heart spaced relationship feels like

Behaviour Interventionist (Autism)


This program is for kids and youth with challenging behaviors and special needs. It focuses on improving behaviour and increasing awareness in any given condition. This program also focuses on assisting each individual to discover their true potential.

There is a variety of methods, uniquely designed techniques and tools that are used to assist each person to gradually evolve, feel comfortable and fully confident within their bodies.
For this program, the individual must be physically present and available to meet twice a week for 3 months from the start date to finish. This program is designed for the age range of 4 to 17 years old.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have te see the whole staircase, just take the first step"
- Martin Luther King Jr.