What is Normal

One of the concepts that generates confusion in our society is what most of us define as "normal". It is evident that most of us are not able to live a "normal" life, creating fears in us, since what we consider as common is what most of us want for our lives. In a sense, it is understandable when we have been taught that it is important to live in a certain way so that we can satisfy all our material and emotional needs. We need to analyze the concept of “normal” in detail and truly question if this belief is beneficial for us.

From a universal perspective, we can appreciate that the way we see life and the things we consider "normal" will define the kind of experiences we usually attract. The way we are accustomed to think and feel on a regular basis, is something that inadvertently brings us many negative consequences in different levels, because when we believe that what we have around us and what we experience daily is normal, the problems and similar situations are repeated over and over again. Once we enter this cycle, it will be more difficult to change our way of thinking and find solutions to our problems. It is crucial to remind ourselves that not everything we have experienced since childhood is something we should consider as normal. Especially, when such experiences are related to traumas and emotional roller coasters.

The world is like this for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that most of us are used to carry stress, greed, lies, violence and destructive feelings with us. Therefore, we create a reality where all those negative aspects are simply part of our daily life without us even realizing it.

The question is, how can we begin to change things gradually in a way that is beneficial to everyone? From my perspective, the important thing is to thoroughly evaluate all of our basic concepts that we refer to as normal. Everything that generates suffering, stress, pain and confusion in our lives should not be considered as something '' normal ''.

Once we begin to change to redefine our concepts and the things that really help us with our well-being, each one of us will be contributing to gradually change our society. For the simple fact of trying to be a “normal” person in the eyes of other people, we limit ourselves from becoming our best versions since everything we do depends on the acceptance and opinion of others. As long as we see normal, as actions and decisions that involve harmony, health and overall well-being for ourselves and for everybody else, it will help us to create that harmonious reality that is completely different from what we are experiencing today.

" If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."
- Maya Angelou

Integrated Education

The more degrees or certificates we have, the more educated and knowledgeable we think we are.


Greatness of a man

I don't think the greatness of a person has anything to do with money, popularity or superficial aspects.



From a universal perspective, human beings tend to associate the concept of change with superficial aspects and nothing else.


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"Birds born in a cage, grow up thinking that flying is a disease."
- Alejandro Jodorowsky.