Neutralize Distractions

We live in a reality where the system of domination and control is continuously bombarding us with distractions; it's crucial to keep in mind that the system is NOT here to allow us to live freely and gives us back our power. That's why we must take steps to reclaim what belongs to us and design the type of reality we truly want to experience. Anything that causes pain and suffering, anybody that doesn't allow us to grow as a person, or any thought that doesn't allow us to have rejuvenated sleep at night, needs to be transmuted from within ourselves. In order for us to shift with mother earth, it's important that we all realize that the chains that are keeping us as prisoners, don't have any power over us as soon as we stop giving them our energy and attention. We are all infinite beings, but we must first claim what belong to us… our FREE WILL.

"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks."
-Winston S. Churchill

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"Of all the things I know, the ones I like most are books."
- Nikola Tesla