Change is a concept that usually creates suffering and worry in our society. For the majority of us, only thinking about the fact that something needs to change in our life, generates our biggest fears. Many of us do everything in our power to avoid making modifications or resist experiencing transformations in our reality. We usually like to keep the same mindset and many of us are completely okay with continuing to stay the same type of person. Most of us tend to confuse our identity as individuals with our perspectives.

But what is the real reason most of us are afraid to experience changes in our lives?

From a universal perspective, human beings tend to associate the concept of change with superficial aspects and nothing else. For most of us, change is something only related to what can be perceived with our senses, but never related to what we can’t perceive instantaneously such as our way of thinking, way to process information and the way we make our decisions. It is very common to see many of us talking about how much we have changed as “individuals” or how much we love to experience transitions in our living experiences.

Many of us refer to the change in their type of work or career environment as one of the most relevant changes in their lives, others may define changing their home or car as one of the changes that they desire the most and some perceive changing their hair colour or losing weight as one of the most important changes in their existence. In a sense, it’s completely understandable; the effort that many of us have to make in order to experience positive transitions, so that we can change something in our reality, can represent many sacrifices and suffering for most of us. But how can we explain to ourselves why we never relate the concept of change to our beliefs, perspectives and lifestyle in general?

Change is a universal constant, regardless of our beliefs and opinions, absolutely everything is changing or will change at some point. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fear that most of us have towards modifying our perspectives, so that we can allow new opportunities and positivity to enter our lives. It’s not a secret that most of the time, certain changes can be perceived as “horrifying” or as if they won’t benefit us in any shape or form at first; That’s why it is important to keep in mind that change is not an event that occurs overnight, but a process that requires time. Some transitions can last minutes, days or years depending on the way we do it and how committed we are to ourselves. Let’s not forget that when we “believe” that we have changed, that’s when we will be tested in all angles of our existence.

Once we start giving value to the innovation and evolution of our consciousness and to the emotional wellness of our being, we will start experiencing what we thought was not possible. When we change the way we make our decisions and what we consider as “priority”, the transitions occur much less painful and without suffering. Because of that, it is crucial to realize that evolving as human beings is not something we should be doing for something or someone, but ourselves. Everything we do in our life, is directly connected to how much we love ourselves and how much value we give to the expansion of our consciousness.

“Many times we don’t have the power to change what happens, but let’s remember that we always have the option to choose how we want our story to end.”
- Eclipse369

Integrated Education

The more degrees or certificates we have, the more educated and knowledgeable we think we are.


Greatness of a man

I don't think the greatness of a person has anything to do with money, popularity or superficial aspects.



From a universal perspective, human beings tend to associate the concept of change with superficial aspects and nothing else.


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"Birds born in a cage, grow up thinking that flying is a disease."
- Alejandro Jodorowsky.